New Ongoing projects | ATZ Areva | ATZ Estrella - atz properties

New Ongoing projects | ATZ Areva | ATZ Estrella - atz properties

The most recent trend in real estate is apartments. Additionally, it's a fantastic way to feel the bustle of city life. Apartments offer more distinct advantages than single-family homes do, according to several locals. But compared to other companies, purchasing flats or apartments from ATZ properties has many additional benefits.

● New Ongoing Projects

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New ongoing projects

The value of land and property is our main concern at ATZ Properties. We continually work to go above and above for our clients. Each client of ATZ Properties is the happy owner of a beautifully landscaped property with premium real estate, ideal living circumstances, all necessary utilities, and full ownership rights. We have regularly delivered one completed project each year for the previous 12 years. New ongoing projects of ATZ properties are Atz Areva, Atz Estrella. ATZ Properties is also preparing for a hospitality project.

ATZ Areva

ATZ AREVA is a genuine multistory residential complex that looks out over the surrounding natural scenery and is adjacent to most of the tech parks that are home to Fortune 500 firms. A residential complex with many amenities to energise your life, a high-rise with ten stories of ultra luxury housing with roughly 90 apartments. strategically situated halfway between Varthur and Marathalli. The property is close to Whitefield and Sarjapur, which are home to some of the best residential districts, upscale recreation areas, and thriving business and technology zones. The location of ATZ Areva has experienced one of the highest rates of appreciation recently and is expanding quickly.

ATZ Estrella

As you climb the success ladder, ATZ Estrella, your home, will reflect your accomplishments and the great future that lies ahead. At Varthur, your day will start and end with the ideal fusion of luxury and serenity. Designing apartments with privacy and appropriate ease of living in mind is a major goal. The exquisitely custom-designed apartment residence's excellent custom-designed structure and superb finish are intended to pleasure sense and calm the spirit. In Bangalore, ATZ Estrella provides the best in upscale urban living.


A luxury apartment can be the best choice for you if you want fantastic accommodation and fantastic neighbourhood amenities. Every time you choose one new place to live, the neighbourhood is a key factor. Is the apartment convenient to where you work? Is the environment conducive? Thankfully, ATZ Properties' luxurious apartments are in a handy location. If you choose to do so, you can take advantage of all the advantages of living in a luxury building and using all the amenities.


Which company has the greatest flats and apartments for sale ?

ATZ Properties offers the greatest flats and apartments for sale.

What are the ongoing projects of ATZ properties?

ATZ properties’ ongoing projects are ATZ Areva , ATZ Estrella.

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