Apartments in Bangalore : Atz Properties Review

Apartments in Bangalore : Atz Properties Review

Apartments in Bangalore : Atz Properties Review is a well-known real estate developer with headquarters in Bengaluru and offices in Mumbai and Pune. The team consists of qualified engineers and management graduates with extensive real estate industry experience. Apartments in Bangalore : Atz Properties Review has quickly established itself as one of Bengaluru's most renowned builders and developers. who are renowned for their great work, loyalty, and dedication.

"ATZ properties are a leading Property Developer based in Bangalore and have its branches in Pune and Mumbai. The team consists of a group of professional Engineers and Management professional, who has vast experience in the real estate business over years & years."

  • 1. Estrella, A.T.Z.
  • 2. Areva ATZ

1. Estrella, A.T.Z.

ATZ PROPERTIES in Bangalore has a project called A.T.Z. Estrella. A Ready to Move project, that is. Some of the most thoughtfully designed apartments are available from A.T.Z. Estrella. It is a housing development in Varthur. 1.7 Acres total are devoted to the project. There are 118 of them. This project consists of a single building. Some of the most luxurious 2 BHK and 3 BHK are available from A.T.Z. Estrella.

2. Areva ATZ

Everybody dreams. However, some wishes do come true. Apartments in Bangalore : Atz Properties Review offers Areva, a typical example where you may live your dreams of having the ideal home, in the ideal complex, at the appropriate price. The Structure is just how you've always seen your house: calm, cozy, and most importantly, reasonably priced. A project with excellent design by a renowned Bangalore architect.


The mission of ATZ Properties is to help the average person realize his goal of the perfect home by offering comprehensive real estate services. ATZ Properties is aware of the value of real estate. We continually work to go above and above for our customers.


Which ATZ Properties developments are on the market for less than 1 crore?

The projects offered by ATZ Properties include ATZ Splendor, ATZ Areva, and ATZ Estrella. These ATZ Properties projects are sure to meet your demands thanks to their fantastic sites, excellent connectivity, and close proximity to hotspots.

Which ATZ Properties projects can be purchased for less than 50 lacs?

If you are seeking ATZ Properties projects for sale under 50 lacs, you can find some excellent bargains. One of the finest ATZ Properties projects with excellent infrastructure and simple connections is ATZ Areva.

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